“...slavery developed quickly into a regular institution, into the normal labor relation of blacks to whites in the New World. With it developed that special racial feeling--whether hatred, or contempt, or pity, or patronization--that accompanied the inferior position of blacks in America for the next 350 years--that combination of inferior status and derogatory thought we call racism.”

These 7 pages bring us into the beginning of Chapter 2: Drawing the Color Line.

I’m not sure what to say about it right now, 7 pages in. I look forward to reading on in the chapter. It is good to be reminded of this part of our history, to have the questions Zinn presents be posed to me again and again.... 
If I were to write something about the state of our country today regarding racism, what would I say? It is hard to say, from my perspective. I’d have to do a lot of talking to a lot of different people to get a real grasp on the whole of our country, but I know that our history is very alive in our present. I know that there is plenty of societal and institutional evidence that reflects racism's continued existence. Our incarceration rates are a prime example.

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